LIHTC and Compliance

The key to our success is in the development of our management team and systems.  Training is a continuous program with our firm.  Through our in-house seminars and industry educational programs such as, Novogradac, Icomply42, Spectrum and IREM, our staff is kept current on new regulatory issues as well as developing new processes to ensure our services are of the highest quality for the owners and residents.

Bristol’s effective management starts with clear and concise policies and programs at the site level.  Our ongoing training and leadership at this level is paramount to the initial steps of a successful LIHTC development.  We maintain an excellent relationship with state agencies and are well known for correct and timely reporting.

We will not compromise on 100% compliance 100% of the time

Timely and accurate reporting to the various agencies is a cornerstone of our success.  Each report from Owner’s Annuals to Unit Worksheets is handled with efficient execution.  Bristol’s Compliance Director and staff work in concert with Owner’s Compliance Departments and Asset Management to facilitate the reporting and file review necessary for a successful LIHTC asset.

Bristol works with the following agencies:

  • The Kansas Housing Corporation
  • Arkansas Development Finance Authority
  • Missouri Housing Development Comm.
  • Michigan State Housing Development Auth.
  • Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
  • Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
  • Iowa Finance Authority
  • Dept. of Housing & Community Development
  • 9120 West 135th Street
  • Overland Park, Kansas 66221