Dear Resident,

At Bristol Properties, we care about what our residents think and are always looking for ways to improve our offerings and service. We are asking for your candid feedback. Please complete the following survey to tell us about your experience. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Bristol Properties

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  • 1 = Very Dissatisfied
  • 2 = Dissatisfied
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  • 4 = Satisfied
  • 5 = Very Satisfied

Features of the community:

Controlled access to the community (if applicable)
Interior design features of your apartment home
Heating and air conditioning systems
Recreational amenities provided within the community
Social programs and support services for residents
Access to and operation hours of recreational amenities
Price/value of apartment vs. comparable communities

The rental process:

Ease of rental process
Professionalism with which you were treated
Follow-up and continuing contact with leasing consultant
Overall level and quality of rental experience

How much do you agree or disagree with:

On-site mgmt. team keeps promises on time
Overall resident morale at the community is good
I would recommend this community to others
Mgmt. is striving to make the community appealing
Maint. staff responds in a timely manner
This is the best managed community in the area
Based on my feeling today, I would renew my lease
The staff has exceeded my expectations
Impressed by community marketing and advertising
I would recommend this community to a friend

Appearance and condition of the apartments:

Visual appeal of the community
Overall condition of the community
Cleanliness of the building exterior
Exterior signage, including building directional signage
Routine maintenance of apartments
Maintenance of hallways, elevators, stairwells
Maintenance of pools and recreation areas
Cleanliness and maintenance of parking areas
Exterior lighting
Fitness center and other amenity buildings
Mailboxes /area
Laundry facilities

Performance of on-site management:

Ease of contacting when questions or problems arise
Ability to answer questions, solve problems quickly
Follow-up on problems to ensure resolution
Courtesy and respect with which you are treated
Willingness to respond to your needs
Ability to complete repair requests in a timely manner
Do what they say they will do
Policies of the community are implemented fairly
Overall level and quality of service your are receiving
Professionalism in correspondence
  • 9120 West 135th Street
  • Overland Park, Kansas 66221