Welcome to my portfolio! Flashdatadesign is my freelance tradename and I offer website development, ActionScript / Flash animation, and MySQL database development using the latest open source languages, tools, and techniques. The projects herein demonstrate my methods and techniques for developing desktop websites, responsive web designs, and animations that are secure, flexible, scalable, and fast.

    Web Development & Programming
  • Object oriented Javascript/Jquery
  • Bootstrap responsive web design
  • SVG rendering with Raphael.js
  • Wordpress customized themes
  • AJAX with XML, PHP/MySQL
  • PHP programming
  • Floated, text-resizable layouts
  • Hand coded development
  • User interface development
    ActionScript / Flash Development
  • Object oriented AS3 animation
  • 3D animation
  • Original animation techniques
  • Vector graphics composition
  • AMFPHP/MySQL integration
  • Game development
  • External video integration
  • Customized audio tracks
  • Animated data components